Very Superstitious!

October 11, 2013 by

Do you dodge black cats like it’s your job? Or rub your lucky rabbit’s foot before the big game? You, my friend, might be superstitious!

Here’s a list of some of the most famous superstitions and their origins:

  • Spilling salt, then tossing salt over your left shoulder to ward off bad luck – salt was once an expensive spice. The Ancient Romans believed spilling it attracted evil spirits and tossing them a little back turned them away!
  • An egg with two yolks is good luck – in many cultures, an egg symbolizes new life. Two yolks in one egg is a rare occurrence and to some means double the fortune!
  • Breaking a mirror – historically, the reflection in a mirror has been associated with capturing one’s soul. When someone breaks the mirror, it’s been said that part of their soul is still trapped inside.
  • Knocking on wood –many theories have derived from this superstition. One says that the ancient pagans believed evil spirits lived within the trees. Once trees were cut down, those spirits could escape and wreak havoc. Knocking on the trees, or wood, would scare those spirits away.

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