Tips for Dressing for a Run in Cooler Temperatures

November 15, 2013 by

The Captain Matthew Freeman Memorial Run is happening tomorrow and we could not be more excited! While Richmond Hill usually has a pretty mild winter, it doesn’t mean that those early mornings aren’t still chilly. These cooler temps should not discourage you from rising bright and early tomorrow morning to come out get some exercise, have some fun and support a great cause!

Here are some tips for dressing for  a run in cooler weather that will help keep you warm and comfortable while running in either the 5K or the 10K tomorrow. Check out more tips like these at

  1. Dress in layers and wear a protective shell: Wearing several thin layers of clothing helps trap warm air between each layer keeping you considerably warmer than if you were to wear one heavy layer. It is also important that you wear some sort of waterproof windbreaker or shell to protect you from the wind and precipitation. Nylon is a great option as it does a reasonable job for an affordable price.
  2. Avoid overdressing: Once you get moving you will warm up, so you should feel a little bit chilly when you start your run. A good rule of thumb: Dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer outside than it really is.
  3. Protect Your hands and feet: As much as 30 percent of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet. Wearing gloves is a good idea as on milder days they will wick away moisture and on colder days you can drop in a disposable heat packet for extra warmth. Wearing two pairs of thin socks or adding a wicking sock liner to a wool sock, will keep your feet warm—just make sure you have enough room in your shoes to accommodate a thicker sock!

Share some of your tips with us on our Facebook page! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the race tomorrow and best of luck to all of the runners!