The Tradition of Conservation

May 19, 2011 by


With a community framed by miles of marshlands and majestic oaks, WaterWays Township is as naturally beautiful as it is ecologically unique. It is a place where Brown Thrashers nest in the tall pines of your backyard, where Blue Herons glide across tidal creeks, and where the comforting smell of salt marshes relaxes you at the day’s end. WaterWays Township embodies a lifestyle that is authentic to the region.

The conservation of this land commenced long before we arrived here, however. It began hundreds of years ago when the Creek Indians created a new civilization in a place where later, soldiers would fight for independence and where Bryan County’s most prominent cotton plantations would thrive. Evidence of their conservation efforts can still be found within the community to this day. Pieces of pottery, tools, and arrowheads have been unearthed on archaeological sites within WaterWays, and our new entrance pediments have been crafted to match those at Cottonham Plantation, to remind us that this land holds great historical value. Our archaeological findings continue to display the inherent similarities between those who lived on this land 5,000 years ago and ourselves. We share a love for the high ground, the open waterways, the magnificent oak trees, and the stunning views.

Our developer, Fletcher Management, has been creating sustainable communities for nearly 50 years by conceiving places that protect natural systems and honor local culture. Keeping with this tradition, we have preserved the rich history and natural beauty of the land at WaterWays Township. We have embraced architecture and natural elements as one force to connect people to their community in the hope that the new residents will discover the rare and delicate balance of water, elements, plants, and wildlife that our community has to offer.

The winding streets and lagoons surrounded by ancient oak hammocks exhibit the natural integrity and historical charm of the land. They are proof that WaterWays Township is a place where creative conservation provides residents with opportunities to reconnect, rejuvenate, and truly benefit from the simple pleasures in life.

Enjoy the majesty that is WaterWays Township. Schedule your jeep and jeans tour today or visit our Facebook page to view photos and learn more about our community!