The Influence of a Tree

September 18, 2011 by

Twin Oaks Tree at the bottom of Mt. Fletcher

Preserving the rich history and natural beauty of the land has always been a part of the development philosophy at WaterWays Township.  As a new generation of residents occupies this land, they will continue the legacy begun by their native American forefathers more than 5,000 years ago…a commitment and respect for the influence nature has on our daily lives.

Trees that surround a home create a sense of place and space.  Those who have sustained the test of time provide character and depth to our everyday experience.  They remind us that we can be resilient.

WaterWays Township has worked diligently to preserve the magnificent selection of native trees found on this site.  In fact, some of them, like the twin oak tree, were moved from one location to another to ensure their long-term existence and growth.

Last month, we welcomed more than 500 visitors from around the low-country area here to tour our community at our Catch the Current event.  As they kayaked along the lagoons, rode bicycles under the oak hammocks, swam in the saltwater pool at WaterClub West, or toured one of the gorgeous new homes, they were amazed at the level of conservation and attention to detail found at WaterWays Township.

We’re thankful that so many visitors commented on our efforts, and we will continue to work with arborists, naturalists and botanical specialists to preserve the perennials that make this native landscape such an inspiration for all of us.

If you would like to learn more about trees and what you can do to ensure they continue to flourish along our coastlands, check out the Coastal Bryan Tree Foundation.  And if you haven’t seen the stunning coastal landscape that is WaterWays Township, we invite you to do so.   Schedule your visit today via or drop by the Information Center at 18542 Highway 144 East, Richmond Hill, GA  (912-445-0299)