The Haunting Hour is Near, Halloween is almost here!

October 31, 2012 by

An evening of ghostly gatherings, and spooky fun, Halloween is not only a great adventure for the kids, but is a memorable experience for the entire family. Whether you are planning to celebrate with friends at a Halloween party or plan to trick-or-treat with the kids, make this Halloween a memorable and safe one.

Have some fun and keep your family safe with the following Halloween tips from WaterWays Township.

A Ghostly Affair: The haunting hour is near, but don’t worry if you have decided to throw a last minute Halloween party for your friends and neighbors, there is still time to prepare those spooky snacks, devilish décor and homemade costumes for an evening of fun with these last minute party ideas from Woman’s Day and do-it-yourself costumes from Real Simple.

No Tricks, Only Treats: Avoid any tricks in your child’s Halloween candy stash by checking all candy to ensure that none of it has been tampered with or opened before allowing them to indulge. Avoiding homemade treats is also a great way to stay on the safe side.

Sweet Temptation: Did you know that chocolate makes up about three-quarters of a trick-or-treater’s loot? If you and your family are eating healthy, Halloween is a time full of temptation, and you may need some help making the best choices. Check out “Which Candy is Healthier” from Real Simple to make sure you reach for the better choice.

Safety First: Children going trick–or–treating should always be accompanied by at least one responsible adult. However, if your child is old enough to go out without an adult, make sure that you set a curfew, know their planned route, and ensure your child’s cell phone has a full battery. If you are hosting a Halloween party, make sure that you have the contact information for local emergency services and cab companies on hand.

Trick-or-Treating within the city limits of Richmond Hill will take place Wednesday, October 31 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. For more Halloween events happening in Bryan County, click here.

We hope you all have a ghoulishly good time this Halloween and would love to see photos of your costumes and party décor on our Facebook page!

Happy Halloween!