The Bill Dance Fishing Experience

January 25, 2011 by


One of the things about the WaterWays Township community that I think our residents are really going to enjoy is the fishing in our lagoons, an experience that has been endorsed by none other than TV personality Bill Dance. Bill Dance is America’s most respected fishing legend and host of “Bill Dance Outdoors” an entertaining show where Bill shares his fishing tips and tricks. As one of the world’s most famous fishermen, best known for his wildlife conservation efforts, southern drawl and his University of Tennessee cap, Bill has helped us to create a true championship-caliber fishing experience in our Grand Lagoon waterway, and as such, our community has been granted the distinction of being recognized as the host location of a Bill Dance Signature Lake.

Our Signature Lake was established using Bill’s proven system of fish habitat creation, which includes developing natural habitat structures, maintaining water quality, fertilization, harvesting and regular monitoring. We even like to say that Bill has created our own “under water golf course” because of his meticulous design and positioning of structure and natural fish collection areas.

The lake has already been stocked with 2,000 largemouth bass and over 250,000 bream and forage fish, making the Bill Dance Signature Lake an amenity where you can enjoy championship level fishing, from a canoe or kayak or from your very own backyard.

Click here to learn more about Bill Dance Outdoors and his incredible knack for fishing.

Give us a call today and I will give you a tour of the property. Bring your pole—I’ve got the bait!