Thankful for Tradition

November 16, 2012 by

Thanksgiving is a holiday for everyone. Whether you spend the day cooking away in the kitchen or sitting on the couch watching your favorite teams, Thanksgiving is a day when we all recognize and appreciate life’s little blessings and the memories that they bring.

If you are celebrating this Thanksgiving in a new home, in a new town or with a new family, try out one of these traditions that focus on gratitude and are full of fun!

Thanksgiving Book: Each year every member of the family is given a sheet of paper to write down the things for which they are thankful. You then put the sheets into a “Thanksgiving Book” which is a binder or scrapbook and save them so that next year you can look back and see what everyone was thankful for.

Thankful Table Settings: While everyone is gathering together for the perfect feast, it is important to have some fun with your table décor. “Thankful Table Décor” is not only festive, but is an excellent conversation starter for everyone at the table to give thanks.  A photo centerpiece of loved ones is a beautiful way of giving thanks to family; while strips of paper with written quotes or phrases fastened around drinking glasses is a fun group conversation starter during your feast.

Thanks & Giving: Giving thanks by spreading kindness and helping those in need on Thanksgiving, is a simple tradition that the entire family will enjoy. An experience that your family, young and old alike can learn from, giving back to your community on Thanksgiving is a way to remember just how important it is to appreciate and be thankful for what you have. Give thanks and celebrate this turkey day as a volunteer with Savannah Feed the Hungry. Learn more here:

The holidays are the perfect time to create new traditions with your friends and family, not to mention it’s a great way to keep every year special. Let us know about your holiday tradition on our Facebook page