Spring Cleaning Tips for a Fresh Home

March 4, 2013 by

Winter has come and gone and with the first day of spring right around the corner, it is time for spring cleaning. Freshen up your home with a good deep cleaning as a clean and organized home will bring valued benefits for the entire family.

So, you’ve made the plunge and decided to de-clutter, clean, dust and reorganize each room, but are feeling overwhelmed–don’t panic, check out these tips from Real Simple Magazine  and ShopSmart Magazine on how to have spring cleaning success.

Make Organizing a Team Event: Reach out to a friend or neighbor who shares your same organizational goals and suggest making “getting organized” a team effort. Take turns organizing rooms in each other’s home as well as provide support and perspective to the decluttering process.

Get Rid of Grime in Every Room: Spring cleaning is the perfect time to deep clean in all of the hard to clean places in your home. From the faucets and showerheads to the carpet and windows, a good cleaning in unexpected places is sure to freshen up every inch of your home. Check out these tips on how to get the most out of your spring cleaning and maybe even try one of these natural cleaners from Real Simple! Did you know that Ketchup actually removes tarnish from copper and brass cookware?

Clean Out for a Worthy Cause: Donating items and clothing that you no longer use or wear is a great opportunity to clean out your home and even make a little cash! The Pink Closet is a premiere consignment boutique in Richmond Hill that is a great place to take your things, not to mention, anything that you don’t sell can be donated to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Either way, you can feel sure that someone else will benefit from your things. Get your kids involved and show them how it feels to give back!

Take a Duster to Your Ceiling Fan Blades: People often forget to clean ceiling fans until they turn them on in the summer and a shower of dust is released. Down in the south, our ceiling and porch fans are often how we cool down and beat the heat; so keeping clean fan blades is the best way to improve the health of everyone including family, friends and neighbors that enter your home. Check out the best way to tackle dusty ceiling fans here.


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