Savannah Continues to Thrive in Economic Downturn

November 6, 2012 by

In a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the city of Savannah was recognized as a thriving city center that other cities monitor as a case study of economic success. With a revitalized downtown area that boasts a seamless mixed-use environment, Savannah has cultivated a vibe that appeals to a wide range of residents and visitors alike.

A city full of history, character and natural beauty along the Georgia coast, Savannah has always been a tourist destination in the south.  Historic landmarks and beautiful beaches lend vacationers a full schedule of “things-to-do”, while the relaxed atmosphere of a pedestrian-friendly downtown is the perfect place for thriving businesses and creative minds.

Home to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), thousands of affluent students from all over the world have made Savannah their new home, spreading their youth and energy across the city. A contributing factor to the overall growth and revitalization of Savannah, SCAD has brought a renewed emphasis on creative types that helps draw industries to town.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution spoke with Jake Hodesh, director of the Creative Coast, a nonprofit aimed at cultivating the “creative class”, whose words really put it all in perspective. Hodesh  said, “The city is creating its own modern identity, no longer ‘Savannah 1733′ but ‘Savannah 2012′ Savannah is a much more laid-back, smaller version of the expensive town you’re used to living in” and he is right. The waterfront lure and laid-back ambiance of Savannah is a reminder that residents can live a successful, well-rounded life full of excitement, commerce and fun without having to be a big city.

Don’t take our word for it, read the Atlanta Journal Constitution article “Savannah’s Surging Downtown Defies Downturn” here and see how things are changing in the low country.