Preparing for the New School Year

August 7, 2014 by

It’s that time of year again! Bryan County residents are sending their children off for another school year. We all know that home life becomes much busier and more hectic when the school year comes around. It is essential to establish routines that help the entire family ease into the school year that gives everyone time to breathe! Check out some of these tips will make for a great school year for the kids and for mom and dad!

Ease into your upcoming schedule before the school year starts:

o   It’s important to make sure that you and your children are prepared for the schedule change that the new school year will bring to your household. Reintroduce them to school-night routines. Make sure that everyone is in bed earlier, waking up earlier and eating their meals in coordination with their school schedule.

Make a family calendar:

o   Keeping the whole family up to speed with everyone’s list of responsibilities and activities can be difficult to do throughout the week. To make sure your family knows when there’s a school function, neighborhood block party or soccer game, post a calendar in a common area of your home, on the refrigerator or near the telephone are great centralized spots to post this calendar.

  • Gather Important Documents:

o   School entry often requires birth certificates, immunization records and even past report cards. Also, sports leagues typically require proof of medical examination. Preparing and gathering these documents will help to
ease stress and prevent you from having to conduct a last-minute search around the house!back-to-school (1)

Do you have any routines around your house that make the school year easier for the whole family? Share with us on our WaterWays Township Facebook page!