Playing “Ketchup” With Bob Izzo on his Third Visit to WaterWays

May 8, 2015 by

Bob Izzo, “Master Gardener” and member of the Coastal Master Gardener Volunteer Program here in Richmond Hill, recently visited WaterWays Township to talk with some of our residents. This isn’t the first time that Bob has visited us – this recent trip marks No. 3 for the green thumb! It’s always great to get caught up on the tools of the gardening trade with an expert.

Bob’s title and abundance of evident knowledge demonstrate that he is an expert in his field of study.

Our residents particularly appreciated that Bob himself is experienced in growing many plants, vegetables, and flowers in our

Master Gardener, Bob Izzo, shares expert gardening tips with WaterWays resident gardeners.

Master Gardener, Bob Izzo, shares expert gardening tips with WaterWays resident gardeners.

region with our fluctuating climates. Many of the resident gardeners at WaterWays have found themselves struggling to grow tomatoes in the Georgia humidity and soil conditions, so Bob gave them some professional advice.

The master gardener himself has had the most success growing tomatoes in a pot, as opposed to in the ground. He uses packing peanuts to lighten the load of the pot itself, and potting soil instead of our own native soil, and he ends up with perfectly ripe tomatoes every time!  

Not only did our residents gain some gardening wisdom, but they were also given small goody bags complete with bug spray, flower seeds, gardening gloves and a gardening tool, to take home, generously provided by the Waterways Township Home Owners Association. Bob provided small flower and vegetable plants to take home as well.

Whether it’s tending to their new garden plot, kayaking through the lagoons or biking along the Cottenham Trail, we love that our residents are always out and about enjoying the outdoor lifestyle found here at WaterWays.