Master Gardener Bob Izzo Visits WaterWays

March 29, 2013 by

One of the benefits of living in a close knit community like WaterWays is the sense of neighborhood shared amongst our residents; after all there is nothing better than enjoying the things that you love with wonderful people who share those same interests!

WaterWays Gardening Seminar with Bob Izzo 3/23/13

With the arrival of Spring, several of our residents mentioned their plans to get outside, enjoy the weather and tend to their garden plot in the community garden. With our residents showing a growing interest in harvesting their plots, we decided to reach out to Bob Izzo, a “Master Gardener” and member of the Coastal Master Gardener Volunteer Program here in Richmond Hill to see if he would come out and share some of his tips and tricks with our residents.

And that is exactly what he did. Last Saturday, Bob joined 11 of our WaterWays resident gardeners to talk about “gardening on the coast”. He addressed a variety of issues including crops that grow best in our area, when to plant, soil conditions and testing, as well as fertilization and irrigation methods for their plots. Bob also provided us with several informative handouts, some plant samples, and a recommendation to visit the University of Georgia’s website for agricultural sciences ( for additional information.

We were thrilled to have Bob come out and share his gardening expertise with our community, better preparing our residents to get out into the garden and put their green thumbs to the test this Spring!

Whether it’s tending to their garden plot, kayaking through the lagoons or biking along the Cottenham Trail, our residents are always out and about enjoying the active and outdoor lifestyle available here at WaterWays.

For more information on The Coastal Master Gardener Volunteer Program, please visit