Homeowners’ Smart Phone Apps To Know About

February 21, 2014 by

HomeownerappsIn a world where there’s an app for everything imaginable – you can bet there are some amazing ones that are perfect for homeowners. We have found the most popular and best-reviewed apps on the market. These handy iPhone apps are sure to make your life easier and are easily accessed from your smartphone.

  • Mark on Call – While updating the design within your home is really exciting, rearranging the furniture to fit within it, really isn’t. This app allows you to save your room dimensions and easily input where and how you will fit your favorite pieces – with just a swipe of the finger.
  • Mint – More than 13 million users have trusted Mint to stay on top of their finances. By combining your credit card, bank and loan statements into one place and dropping the information into easy-to-ready graphs and pie charts, Mint is the hub to ensure you’re always in-touch with your finances. It even makes suggestions based on your most recent spending habits.
  • iHandy Carpenter – For those of you who do not always have a ruler, level, or protractor available, this is the app for you. iHandy Carpenter allows you to easily decorate your walls with just as much precision and accuracy as a professional.
  • Eden Garden Designer – No green thumb? No problem. This handy app will take the grunt work out of gardening by helping you choose the best fit of flowers and plants based on color, height and your home’s average climate.

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