Happy Trails Amongst Autumn Birds at WaterWays Township

September 28, 2011 by

Endless vistas of tree canopies.  The peaceful sounds of tides shifting with the early autumn breeze.  Maples, pines, cedars, magnolias, native palms and oaks  filter dappled light through silvered moss before it dances across the misty lagoon.  These are just a few of nature’s joys that await homeowners in the 2,300-acre master-planned community known as WaterWays Township.   Located just outside Savannah in beautiful Richmond Hill, Georgia, WaterWays Township offers a variety of tranquil settings for the avid nature enthusiast,  such as the stunning sunset marsh views at McAlister’s Bluff, wading pools near a  tidal creek that wind past the marina site along Redbird Waterway, over three miles of meandering freshwater lagoons, the ancient oaks of Old Cottenham Plantation Park, and the undisturbed habitat of Hawk Island, just to name a few.

It is here where bird-watching is an excellent past time and just being outdoors reinforces the magnificent beauty of this land as well as the opportunities to enjoy the coastal lifestyle WaterWays Township will provide.  With a patient eye and a slow gate, birds like the Yellow-Headed Blackbird, Golden Plover, Wood Stork, and more can be found along our captivating shorelines and within our amazing tree canopy.

Trails begun hundreds of years ago by native Indians are still abundant along WaterWays’ lagoon systems and up to Mount Fletcher, adjacent to our Ridgewood Park neighborhood as well as the majestic homes being built in our neighborhood at Long Creek.  Access to the adjacent state wildlife park is also available along the western boundary of WaterWays Township, providing a unique opportunity to experience the nature and serenity available here, no matter the season.

With new homes currently available from the $230s to the $500s offered from top regional builders including C.E. Hall, C. Pickett Enterprises, Grant Homes and Synergy Designer Homes, we invite you to experience WaterWays on bike, pontoon, kayak, SUV or foot.  Bring your binoculars for viewing — the birds and the water are waiting for you!

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