Green Thumbs Will Rejoice in the Community Gardens at WaterWays

November 29, 2011 by

The farm-to-table movement across the nation is continuing to build momentum.  From the First Lady, whose White House garden provides everything from roses to herbs and vegetables for family dinners, Americans have begun to revisit our historical roots by starting gardens in their own backyards.

In fact, more than 38 percent of U.S. households  — that’s 41 million people, grew a garden last year, learning to tend and harvest their own fresh food, flowers and herbs, while simultaneously getting exercise, enjoying fresh air and celebrating the inherent joy of the harvest.

The developers of WaterWays Township have been studying this cultural phenomenon for some time now, and they were inspired by the sense of community generated by the garden plot concept.  Study after study has shown that even small plots of land, contained in a central location and divided up amongst interested residents, have enabled homeowners to foster local relationships and to learn from each other through the gardening experience.

As such, the RidgeWood Park neighborhood at WaterWays Township now features  72 garden plots within its Central Park complex.  The park boasts approximately two acres of oaks, mature pines, and other native vegetation as well as a grassed area for active recreation with the family.  With its convenient location, Ridgewood Central Park was the perfect place to develop a community garden for the residents of WaterWays Township.

To read more about community gardening, visit the Urban Land Institute’s website via:

Our neighborhood Lowe’s store also features information on community gardens via:, or come tour WaterWays Township and Ridgewood Central Park with us this holiday season.