Claiming the Best of History for Today’s Living

November 11, 2011 by

Southern architecture with a coastal flair represents a beloved style for many of today’s home buyers. This low country style features expansive outdoor living spaces with covered porches, open floor plans and a feeling of relaxed elegance. With WaterWays Township being so committed to honoring its history, understanding the architectural evolution of low country style was of interest to us.

There are 2,800 historical buildings in the Savannah/Charleston area that are noted for the various architectural styles seen across the low country.  The six styles, along with a brief description of each, are as follows:

  • The Colonial style seen during the pre-Revolutionary period from the 1600s to the mid-1700s.  Colonial style buildings have a low foundation and comparatively few windows.
  • The Georgian style is marked by boxed chimneys and raised basements – seen throughout Savannah.  Georgia is often mixed with Palladian features, copied from the style of the 16th century architect Andreas Palladio.
  • The Federal style appeared in the post-Revolutionary War period.  The Federal style is marked by balconies, staircases, and fan lights.
  • The Classical Revival style with large, heavy columns and extended arches.
  • The Gothic Revival styles have finials and a castle-like appearances.
  • The Italianate style has low pitched roofs and cupolas, followed by the Victorian style with its ornate details.

Low country homes are built using bits and pieces of each of these styles, complimented with a casually elegant flair.  Open and beckoning porches invite you to relax for a while, with your feet up on an ottoman and a cold drink in your hand.  Wide hallways allow for people and air to circulate during the heat of summer, and high ceilings help the heat to rise up to the deep crown moldings above.  Fan lights, Palladian windows, heavy columns and extended archways are all elements incorporated from other styles into the relaxed delight you can find with the open floor plans.

The lifestyle offered at WaterWays Township is fitting for all walks of life with new homes and a future amenities package that will contribute to your overall quality of life both inside and outside your home. Let’s celebrate the low country lifestyle and create a floor plan that is right for you.