Celebrating Henry Ford’s Legacy

August 2, 2013 by

Earlier this week the Richmond Hill Historical Society and the Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau hosted a celebration of Henry Ford’s life, on the 150th Anniversary of his birth. Guests of all ages gathered at the museum and commemorated Henry Ford’s contributions to our area with an event that included a fun game of Richmond Hill trivia, an amazing cake (see pictures here) and the introduction of the new Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail interactive driving tour app.

With the historical connection to Ford, celebrating his 150th birthday was important to the residents of Richmond Hill. In the 1920s, automobile icon Henry Ford purchased property in the area for his winter retreat and spent years working to revitalize the community and championed health care and education. He built and enlarged schools, constructed medical clinics and brought in teachers, doctors and nurses to staff them. Also responsible for the construction of a number of public buildings, Henry Ford was a large contributor to the development and growth of our area. Eventually Ford owned most Bryan County properties and land, including Cottenham Plantation, a prominent cotton plantation, from the land that is now known as WaterWays.

The land at WaterWays still has remnants of the time when Ford walked underneath the big oak trees and along the open waterways; in fact, you may even discover bricks from the buildings that stood in his day or other artifacts that once may have adorned the walls or tables of the plantation  homes.

Leaving his mark on our greater community, Ford’s legacy has become known as the Henry Ford Era here in Richmond Hill and it was an honor to celebrate his life earlier this week.