Catch the Current Newsletter: Spring 2015

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Welcome Center Breaks Ground

This summer, we will open the doors to our newest facility, the WaterWays Township Welcome Center. Designed to reflect a comfortable low country architectural theme, the Welcome Center will serve as the central location for information about WaterWays, including real estate opportunities, scheduled events, social activities, and more.

Anticipated to open its doors in July 2015, the 3,100-square-foot Welcome Center will be conveniently located along WaterWays Parkway, near the community entrance. Placed gently in “The Pastures,” the new facility will be built against a backdrop of native vegetation, towering holly trees, lush landscaping and antique wood fencing. The wraparound front porch, equipped with inviting rocking chairs and lit by the warm glow of gas lanterns, will greet guests upon arrival.

Inside, the Welcome Center will provide a comfortable environment of conversation groupings, a children’s play area, coffee bar, and a variety of presentation displays depicting the overall vision for this growing community. There will also be an area dedicated to the display of historical information about the land, including a collection of artifacts recovered from the original Cottenham Plantation estate.


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Fishing Go Guide: Grand Lagoon at WaterWays

Since its creation in 2009 by Fletcher Management Company, the developers of WaterWays Township, Grand Lagoon has been the backdrop for many memories made within the community. In addition to popular resident activities like children’s fishing events and weekend kayak outings, Grand Lagoon has also been a popular venue for many events hosted by the local community.

Heroes on the Water, a national organization that provides fishing, food, and fun for veterans who have recently returned from active service abroad, hosts events regularly on Grand Lagoon. In addition, the extensive three-and-a-half mile long man-made water trail has garnered attention from local news media outlets including The Savannah Morning News, Bryan County Now and Richmond Hill Reflections for its recreational uses as well as its natural beauty.

Professional bass fishing legend and beloved TV personality Bill Dance has also recognized Grand Lagoon for its potential to produce a championship fishing experience due to the natural conditions, habitat, and management practices employed by WaterWays. In fact, the Grand Lagoon has been endorsed by Dance as a Bill Dance Signature Lake, one of only 10 in North America.

“There are a ton of things to consider before you dig a high-quality fishing hole,” Dance said. “Habitat is critical. If you don’t have

WaterWays resident  Tony Cravey holds up a bass caught in Grand Lagoon.

WaterWays resident Tony Cravey holds up a bass caught in Grand Lagoon.

good habitats you are not going to have good fishing. And it is not just for the present time, it is for the future. We incorporate all these things in our Signature Lakes.”

Robert Chandler, president and founding partner of Bill Dance Signature Lakes, said “What differentiates a Bill Dance Signature Lake from the rest is that we take into account who is fishing the lake. Whether it’s kids, grandparents taking their grandkids, or a tournament bass fisher, we want to create a great experience for all fishermen regardless of their age or level of expertise.”

In addition to Dance and his team, our WaterWays residents have especially enjoyed the Grand Lagoon. The 170-acre water trail provides a pristine natural setting for electric boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, and – of course, fishing.

WaterWays resident Tony Cravey cast his first line at the young age of 5, and has been an avid fisherman ever since. For 27 years, Cravey has learned countless tips and tricks along the way to reel ‘em in – many of which have made him quite successful fishing the Grand Lagoon.

“Spring time is the transition period from the cold winter months,” said Cravey. “The north end of the lake will historically warm up sooner because the water is shallower there. Fish will come in faster on the north end, so the fishing is better there early on in the spring.”

For Cravey, there are many bait options that have worked well on past fishing trips in the Grand Lagoon, including crankbait, jerkbait and jigs. For Robert Chandler, it’s about lizards, tubes and worms – rigged in a way where the lure is more natural, not clunky or heavy.

For Chandler, patience is the key. “Fish very slowly,” said Chandler. “Repeat your cast into some of the same spots a few times before you move onto another location.”

Chandler has also been an avid fisherman since a young age, but he has credited a great deal of his fishing skills to his relationship with Dance. “You learn as a kid by trial and error, but I’ve been able to accelerate my knowledge by learning from (Dance),” said Chandler. “The best environment to learn from him is when you’re having a cup of coffee or talking in the truck while driving.”

Of course, any good fisherman knows that he can only share so much. When asked if there’s anything else he’d like to share, Cravey simply said, “I can’t tell ‘em all my secrets, now.”



Coming Soon: New Lots in the RidgeWood Park Neighborhood

The demand for new homes in the popular RidgeWood Park neighborhood has prompted the development of two new phases. Development has commenced on 39 new wooded, preserve and lake-view lots that will be available for purchase and home construction by June 2015.


Spring Plant Preparation

With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your garden for that hot Georgia heat! The best thing you can do to get your plants ready for the summer months is to be proactive now and follow the three “W’s”: watch, water and weed.

Watch: Taking a stroll through your garden is an excellent way to observe its condition. You’ll want to evaluate the condition of your plants to make sure the winter season hasn’t caused any disease or provided a home for pesky bugs. Nipping these things in the bud early in the year will set you up for success come warmer weather.

Water: It’s no surprise that watering your garden is key to its success, but did you know that you should water longer and less frequently? Depending on the rain fall, we suggest watering for longer intervals of time so that you get a deeper root. Any future gardening will be that much easier when the roots are deeper because the soil is richer and the weeds are fewer.

Weed: Speaking of weeds, we all know that some of them just aren’t avoidable. The more often you weed your garden, the less you’ll do in the summer. Once you get “in the weeds,” it’s hard to get out. Stay on top of it with a small trowel and weed away the troublesome undergrowth in your space. Your garden neighbors will certainly appreciate it, too!

Lastly, don’t be scared to get up close and personal with Mother Nature. March is the perfect time to fertilize so that you are able to provide the proper nutrients to your beautiful plants and veggies! After all of the work you’ve done so far, this is the last step to ensuring handsome, healthy blooms just in time for summer!


WaterWays Pet Residents

Big Earl Jackson_The Jacksons

Big Earl Jackson is a natural-born star and a reigning tug-o-war champion. When he’s not napping, he loves sunbathing, eating chicken and getting “human attention” from his family, Alicia and Doug Jackson.

Mila_Mandy Beasley Heyward
Mila is a happy resident of WaterWays Township, and is a vision in blue chevron. Her owner, Mandy Beasley Heyward, says her favorite part about living here is chasing birds and squirrels.

Bailey_Timothy, Sara & Emily Sak

Bailey is a loving member of the Sak family. He cannot get enough of the WaterWays sun and loves lounging in his spacious backyard.

Emmie_Meg & Sean Kennedy

Meg and Sean Kennedy’s dog Emmie could not wait to move to her new home in WaterWays!

Bella 2_Amanda & Mike Styer
Amanda and Mike Styer’s maltese Bella is quite the explorer! She loves to walk all of the WaterWays trails and play in the park.

Chestnut_The Bascos
Meet Chestnut Basco. Chestnut loves going on road trips, running and even tubing. He’s a social pup who also enjoys barking at other dogs to say hi!


Even furry friends love getting exercise on WaterWays Township’s many trails. Ripken, the Bass family’s Maltese, takes a pit stop with his owner, Kennedy.

Argos_Shanna & Kevin Schwab
Shanna and Kevin Schwab’s dog Argos is a charming member of the WaterWays community. His happy smile and sweet disposition make him an easily lovable friend!
Lady(L) Ellie(R)_Shanna & Kevin Schwab

Meet Lady and Ella, the Schwab family’s feline friends. They do a great job rounding out our pet roster and keep all of the dogs in line!