Catch the Current Newsletter: Holiday Edition 2012

December 21, 2012 by

Residents Celebrate the Holiday Season at WaterWays

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and residents at WaterWays Township are full of Christmas spirit. From welcoming holiday décor to festive celebrations and homemade treats, our residents have shared with us how they celebrate the season and spread good cheer to family, friends and neighbors.
From our family to yours, we wish you peace, love, and joy  happiness this holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Tis the Season to Celebrate

Tammy’s Plate Makes a Nice Centerpiece and Gift

The holiday season is all about good food, good company and good fun. The perfect time to entertain family, friends, neighbors or colleagues with a festive soirée, WaterWays resident Tammy Carol shared with us her tips and tricks for hosting and planning a festive get-together.

A top-notch hostess, Tammy loves to entertain and has planned everything from formal staffing parties for her employees, festive get-togethers with her neighbors and relaxed gatherings with friends and family. To Tammy, holiday gatherings are all about food, fellowship and fun, which is why they are a great way to bring people together and help them feel appreciated.

Whether a casual neighborhood potluck or a more formal holiday party, Tammy’s experience and advice will help you plan and host the season’s most spectacular party.

1. Prior, Proper Planning with a Touch of Spontaneity: The key to success is keeping it simple. You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable. After all, it is all about enjoying the holidays with your guests, so think ahead and create your invite list, send invitations, plan the menu, set an official start and end time and decide on a theme and décor.

2. Good Eats: Some say the way to someone’s heart is in the kitchen and for the most part this is true. People gather around food, so by asking your people to bring their favorite appetizer or sweet treat is a great conversation starter for guests. Dips are always a party hit as people love to munch and mingle, while cupcakes are often a kid’s favorite. Involving your family in the process of making your favorite dish is a fun way to have some family time.

3. Decorate Thoughtfully: Get in the spirit with festive décor. Knowing your guests and adding personal touches to your décor is a great way to make your party memorable. Tammy often uses table arrangements as both part of the décor as well as party favors for her guests. Knowing personal details like someone’s favorite color shows both your attention to detail and your thoughtfulness; two qualities every hostess should have.

In Tammy’s experience being the best hostess is all about being prepared and relaxed so you too can enjoy your party with your guests. It’s the simple things that make a great party and when your guests walk away as new friends, you can bet that your party was a success. So, just take a deep breath, have some fun and enjoy this holiday season!

Check out photos of Tammy’s festive party décor on our Facebook page and share with us your experiences as a holiday hostess!

The Sweetest Gift of the Season

For most families, the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, making new memories and enjoying their favorite holiday dishes. Whether working in the kitchen preparing the holiday feast or gathered around the table enjoying it, homemade memories are without a doubt the best.

With Christmas only a week away, Tari Rangel, WaterWays’ resident and passionate baker is pulling her favorite recipes and preparing to send her friends, family and neighbors the perfect gift—baked goods from her kitchen.

Tari’s Care Package With All Her Favorite Cookies

With loved ones from Wisconsin and California, baking has been a long time holiday tradition for Tari. Her family started sending care packages and gifts to one another with their favorite recipes including everything from almond cookies and sugar cookies to a super chocolate truffle and mini pecan pies.

Known for her delicious pies at WaterWays, Tari has shared her favorite holiday recipes with us.  Baked goods make perfect holiday gifts because they are easy, relatively inexpensive, and delicious! So, skip the crowds at the mall and give the sweetest gift of the season with one of Tari’s recipes! It’s the perfect last minute gift that you will enjoy making  … and your friends will enjoy eating!

So, mix, stir and roll out a little Christmas Cheer with Tari’s favorite recipes this year.

We look forward to seeing many happy homeowners spreading holiday joy this season at WaterWays!