A Mother’s Day Challenge

May 10, 2013 by

Mother’s Day is Sunday and this week we thought we would dedicate the blog to all of our moms here at WaterWays.  This weekend is supposed to be all about you right? Mom’s time to relax and be pampered; but as any woman would tell you, a day that is meant to celebrate her is also a day she spends celebrating all of the other wonderful mothers in her life.

Caring and loving, all mothers lift as they climb, honoring those who have come before them and caring for those who will come behind them to instill the importance of the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day.

According to Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk Radio, “Over 85% of mothers report that they have to devote multiple hours of Mother’s Day to the other moms in their lives (i.e., mothers-in-law and grandmothers). They are preparing gifts and meals for grandmothers, mothers-in-law, and all the caretakers in the lives of their own children.”

So this year, we challenge you to take a night, a day, or just a few hours off  and enjoy what you love most. Spend the afternoon in the sun with your favorite book while your kids play in the pool at WaterClub West,   take a moment for yourself and walk along the Cottenham Trail, or enjoy the company of good friends, family and fellow mother; whatever you decide just put down your to-do list and relax!

It’s your day Mom!  Can you take the challenge?

Share  how you celebrated Mother’s Day on our Facebook Page and learn more about Marie Bailey and Mom Talk Radio here.