A Good Ole Resident Fish Fry

September 6, 2013 by

In the South we have access to miles of coastline that boast a network of lakes, rivers and streams, providing plenty of places for fishermen to bait their hooks and cast a line. Here at WaterWays, we are lucky enough to have access to our own Bill Dance Signature Lake which, if you know Bill, is one of the best places to catch some bass!  So it’s no surprise that this Labor Day we encouraged our residents to enjoy the holiday outdoors with a community fishing tournament followed by a fish fry. As we all know, a big catch calls for a fish fry!  With 19 resident families in attendance, residents got the chance to get together with friends and neighbors to eat some good ole southern food and share stories about the ones that got away.

Children who participated in the fishing tournament were ecstatic to reel in a “whopper” and run to share their catches with the neighbors around them. After an afternoon of some friendly competition, residents reeled in their lines and counted up their catch as the tournament champion was to be determined by who caught the most fish. Nolan Belfry caught a total of seven fish, making him the reigning champ! Congratulations Nolan! In addition to the tournament, residents also enjoyed a delicious traditional fish fry while soaking in the summer air. What better way to spend your evening? 

Here at WaterWays, we believe it’s the little things in the life that create the fondest memories with family and friends!  Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Monday; we cannot wait to make more memories together!