A Camping Adventure for Troop 400

October 4, 2013 by

Leadership programs that develop character and attributes like the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are perfect for young boys. With a promise of outdoor adventure, BSA provides boys with opportunities to engage in activities that stir their imagination and interests, challenge them to be more self-reliant and teaches leadership skills.

Last weekend, WaterWays hosted local BSA Troop 400 for a camping trip at Old Cottenham Plantation Park. The weather was fantastic and the scouts enjoyed a variety of activities, including canoeing, fishing, hiking and kayaking, in addition to the experience of a establishing a primitive camp site.

Working to complete their fishing merit badge (a requirement is to catch, clean and cook a fish) our lagoon system was the perfect place for them to spend the afternoon to catch their dinner/breakfast and perform the requirements necessary to obtain the badge.

WaterWays resident, John Cameron, and his son Conner, are members of Troop 400 and were excited to welcome the troop into their community for one of the monthly camping trips. “A place that was made to be explored is part of WaterWays marketing campaign,” said Cameron, “And boy  – is that true! Our community is full of adventure and is one of the best places for these scouts to come and complete outdoor challenges to earn their badges”

Check out photos from the camping trip on our Facebook page and learn more about BSA Troop 400 by visiting their website http://www.geocities.ws/scoutmaster400/